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With two central New England locations, we can take care of all your biohazard work in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont.

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Baycon Special Projects Unit (SPU) Specializes in Biohazards, Crime and Trauma Scene cleanup, decontamination, removal, and disposal of biohazard and infectious medical waste associated with the cleanup process. We also detect spy cameras, hidden video devices and listening devises for many local and national clients.

To effectively serve we have a office in North Reading, Ma that services Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. We also have a New Hampshire office that serves the remainder of New Hampshire, all of Vermont and Maine. When demand is high we can move labor resources around as needed.

Baycon Special Projects Unit is a full service bio-hazard contractor. Unlike cleaning companies that clean biohazards we  decontaminate and remove them. Then we dispose of them at medical waste facilities per local and state laws. So instead of calling a cleaner think safe and call a decontamination specialist and insure that you and your family are safe from invisible bio-hazards from blood, bodily fluids, MRSA, Staph, or other infectious diseases. For Blood cleanup, suicide clean up, homicide cleaning, teargas cleaning, meth lab decontamination or any other biohazard situations in Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont or New Hampshire give us a call. Well recommended by state and local authorities Baycon SPU is here to service you in your time of need. Whether it be in a home, office, vehicle or other location Baycon Special Projects Unit can make the scene safe for habitat. We clean, disinfect and dispose of the biohazards. Our North Reading Ma office is located Within 5 minutes to route 93, 495, 95 and 128 we are situated perfectly for a quick response. Referred to by most as Baycon SPU and also the SPU team. Our job is to cleanup biohazards. It takes special people to deal with blood, body fluids, body parts, death and dying, crime scenes, suicides, accidents, unattended deaths, murders and trauma scenes. At Baycon SPU we have the right people as employees. Our staff is discrete, caring and very respectful to each and every situation. They go above and beyond the call of duty to aid a fellow human and sometimes animals too. We at Baycon are very proud of our staff the morals and character they possess. As biohazard contractors we have a contract with a medical waste facility for legal, green disposal of all biohazards and medical waste generated. Baycon Special Projects Unit provides blood cleanup, cleaning, decontamination and biohazard cleanup, biohazard contractor services, biohazard waste removal and disposal in Portland, Bangor, Lewiston, Augusta and surrounding towns and cities in Maine ME., Boston, Worchester, Springfield, Cape Cod, Nantucket, Lowell, Lynn and surrounding towns and cities in  Massachusetts MA., Nashua, Manchester, Rochester, Berlin, Laconia, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Concord and surrounding towns and cities in New Hampshire NH., Rutland, Newport, Montpelier, St. Johns bury, Burlington, Bennington, Brattleboro, Brandon, Killington and  surrounding towns and cities in Vermont VT.

Blood Cleanup contractor

Baycon Corporation is a full service biohazard / biological and decontamination contractor. We specialize in  infectious disease disinfecting, sanitization, sterilization and decontamination. From laboratory & clinical facilities to blood cleanup, suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup, trauma and crime scene cleaning, drug lab cleaning, micro organism testing and decontamination, bird and swine flue decontamination, biohazard decontamination, removal and disposal of bodily fluids and biohazards. With a crew located in North Reading, MA. at our corporate location, Derby, VT. and another in Alton , NH. Baycon Special Projects Unit is positioned for a quick response time to service New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont.  We also travel nation wide for infectious disease disinfection. Baycon Special Projects Unit can make the scene safe for habitat. Weather we clean, disinfect, sterilize, sanitize, de-contaminate and dispose of the biohazards at a legal medical waste facility per state and federal regulations or just consult on your biological concerns Baycon Special Projects unit is the biological contractor of choice for  most clinical, state and local government facilities.